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Please refresh the page and retry. A Virgin Atlantic jet set a new speed record on Monday, flying from LA to London in just over nine hours, after a powerful jet stream propelled it faster than the speed of sound. The Dreamliner was clocked at mph over Pennsylvania as it rode the fastest jet stream on record, blowing east at mph. The velocity only lasted briefly, but was far faster than the usual cruising speed of mph for the Boeing aircraft. The winds high above the ground helped Flight VS8, half-way into its journey from Los Angeles to London, arrive at Heathrow nearly an hour ahead of schedule. ... Read More
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We kind of have to face it, without women, professional wrestling would just be sweaty, musclebound dudes in tight costumes pretending to wail on each other and performing acrobatic stunts. There would still be the athleticism and some of the story lines, but at the same time, wrestling would lack an element of sex appeal for the majority of the audience. The popularity of women in wrestling, and especially the Divas in WWE have gone through the roof in recent years and we can see why. The women are stunning, athletic and put on a great show even the ones who can barely wrestle or handle a mic. Unfortunately, women's wrestling is often a massive tease. ... Read More
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